Google Adwords and The Dude

Google Adwords is the shortcut for generating leads and sales for your local business. I remember clearly this sketchy local marketing agency guy said to me right before he asked for $3000 a month budget for ad spend and another $1500 for managing the campaign.


Google Adwords – The Shortcut

It was a beautiful warm sunny Friday August day, I remember it like it was yesterday. I had just hit my first major goal with my insurance agency and was aggressively looking to grow. I knew little to nothing about online marketing but heard Google Adwords was a good choice to start with. I called a couple of local marketing agencies and asked a few questions and booked an appointment for the very next week.


Google Adwords – The Dude

Ever see the movie, The Big Lebowski? No joke, the sales person who showed up looked alot like The Dude. Couldn’t tell if he showered or shaved in the last week and he was 20 minutes late making some excuse like he had trouble finding the office.


Well,  it’s in the second biggest office building in town and we are the second floor. Not an office on the second floor, but at that time, the only tenant on the second floor. Needless to say I’m not exactly impressed by this guy yet. Then he lays it on me…


“Google Adwords is the shortcut for sales for your local business…”


He acted as if I had no other choice and for the next twenty minutes he beat me over the head with statistics that made little or no sense because he kept talking about life insurance and stock. Our agency was a full service auto & home agency not a financial service company offering stocks, bonds and the like.

I was almost to the point where I was about to make something up and get this guy out of here. He said want do ya wanna do, are you ready to get started?

WHAT? I said, you have sat here and trailed off about all kinds of things that don’t seem to fit my situation, you don’t even know what segment of the industry we work in and you think I would trust you with $4500 a month?


“Really Dude, I said with tons of sarcasm”


He never took the time you ask me much of anything as far as questions about the business, our goals, our budget… nothing.



I spent all weekend totally floored by how some people approach doing business. I realize that my approach has always been a role of educator, I always want people to feel they have made a good choice when working with me and even if for some reason, I couldn’t help them save money and/or cover their needs better that they learned something and left my office better off.

It might seem altruistic or a little sapping to some people but this is how I built authority status in my local marketplace to the level of growing at over 400 percent year over year for almost nine years before leaving the insurance world to enter marketing and consulting full time.

I did all the marketing for our agency while my other two partners did other value added tasks behind the scenes. I understood what it takes to grow a business while trying to learn Adwords or Search Engine Optimization and still create Facebook content. I know the frustration of building websites and testing ads. All the hard work that often goes unnoticed by other business partners, co-workers, the sales department etc.

One thing I can say with complete conviction is that if I had to do it all over I would hire a professional to run my digital marketing so I could focus on working with my clients and training my staff.


Josh Thurman is a marketing and sales consultant specializing in lead generation and conversion optimization. Since 2013 Josh has helped hundreds of local business owners and teams increase their sales revenue, launch new offers and dominate their market.




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