How Facebook Advertising Can Grow Your Revenue

Most social media platforms are overlooked by traditional main street business owners because they don’t see the value. In this quick read, I will share how Facebook Advertising can grow your revenue fast. Marketing and advertising will always be the fastest way to grow your business and NO one can argue or dispute that cold hard fact.

One of the most valuable business tools to achieve greater brand visibility and business growth is Facebook Advertising. The problem with Facebook is when you don’t know what you are doing, you can very quickly burn though your cash.


“your businesses must reach the audience where they spend their time – online.”


Business owners have choices like billboards, radio, TV and print in the “offline” world. These advertising methods have been around for decades and nothing has changed about how they work. In fact, they work about the same as they always have. I know you were thinking I was gonna say they didn’t work, well they do, just not very efficiently for the money.

Pop up and banner ads were first introduced online as a way to provide a platform for businesses to take advantage of the floods of people that were hanging out online. But those ads weren’t really effective either for the same reason. It’s called banner blindness, once you see it a few times, you become bored.

But there’s good news!

During the past several years, Facebook advertising has grown and matured to become the most powerful tool for targeting qualified people. In other words, all advertising is a numbers game but would you rather put your ad in front of 100,000 random people or 1000 targeted people? It’s all about reaching the most relevant eyes possible with a reasonable financial investment, right?


“Who cares if 100,000 cars see your billboard if only 1500 are your target market.”


Stop making your message available to a huge audience and ‘hoping for the best’, when you can get your ad in front of a ‘right’ audience! This makes Facebook advertising better than any other traditional advertising.

Why should you, the local business owner, care?

Targeted Facebook advertising can be focused to a local geographic area down to even one mile radius around your business. Compared to radio or print advertising which is often spread over dozens or even 100s of miles, this form of advertising is not only more cost effective but it is PROVEN to generate qualified leads in your area.

But let’s be honest, any new form of advertising is scary so I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

The key to taking full advantage of Facebook ads is to create ads that not only gets the word out about your product or service but do so in a way that also enhances your brand image. Your ad has to be created in a way that will convert AND feels valuable and beneficial to your audience. A good ad is not only creative and eye catching it’s also saying something the audience wants to see or hear. Giving the ideal prospect something to respond to.

Targeted Facebook advertising can play a valuable role in the success of your business. But the key to taking full advantage of them is understanding their role and how to leverage them with proven methods that create ROI.


About the Author:

JD Lanmanski is a huge marketing nerd and PPC lover by his own admission. Consistently searching more better conversions and ideas to help local business owners grow.  Specializing in funnel creation and conversion optimization for Main St. He has been a great addition here at Rave Local because he truly believes that paid marketing is the fastest and most measurable way to grow a business.


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