How to Crush Trash Talkers

We all wish we could get a do over from time to time, maybe you spoke out of turn about something or someone and it seems to follow you everywhere. Your online repuation is something that a large number of business owners don’t take the time to think about worry about. I get it, you are busy doign what you feel is right in the heat of the moment and ninety nine percent of the time, you are golden. What about that one time?

Man, that blankin, blank jerk or whatever nastiness they unleash, we have all seen those reviews online. Anyone who has been is business for longer than a few months knows they can’t please everyone.

Today’s quick read article is about How to Crush the Trash Talkers and drive your business forward.

Did you know…?

– 90% of consumers say online reviews impact their buying decisions
– 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
– 92% of consumers have more confidence in information that they found online than hearing it from a salesperson or any other source of information
– 80% of consumers have changed their minds about a business based on negative reviews

This means that every business should be aware of what is being said about them on the internet; this is the only way they can work address any issues and implement an on-going strategy to ensure that they have a good FIRST IMPRESSION when their potential customers come across their business online.

But unfortunately, most of them still have no idea what they should be doing to check things out.

As a matter of fact, some are simply IGNORING their online image, which is a critical mistake that could be seriously crippling their ability to generate new customers.

So if they want to capture local customers who are actively searching online for their types of products and services, they cannot continue to ignore the power of a positive online reputation.

How to Crush Trash Talkers

How you look online directly impacts the success and longevity of your business. Negative reviews can damage your business whereas having a positive online reputation leads to more and more sales opportunities.




“My absolute favorite thing about the internet is that it allows everyone to have a voice, my least favorite thing about the internet is that it allows everyone to have a voice”


How to Respond and Crush Trash Talkers

Every business gets a bad review at some point or another. It doesn’t mean that your business screwed up or has the worst meatball sandwich ever, it just means that unhappy people sometimes gain some type of power when they step behind the keyword.

No need to panic. No need to cry in the corner floating off into a state of shock. When your business gets slammed on a local review site – fairly or unfairly – you must respond. You can’t just ignore it.

Most customers won’t write you off based on one negative comment. Many, however, will gain respect for your business if you respond to the comment in a pleasant and helpful way. Of course, that’s not easy to do when you pour your life into a business and someone bashes it online. Your immediate impulse is to return fire. Don’t do it. Back slowly away from the keyboard and collect your thoughts. Responses need to be made, clear and concise, never argue or demean the person reviewing your business.

Why can’t someone handle his or her own online reputation?

Like most local business owners, you already where enough hats around the place. Outsourcing your reputation management to a qualify agency is a smart move. Think about anti-virus software for your computer, you make every effort to project yourself but things happen. Just like anti-virus, you should use a professional software to monitor your computer against attacks. We can do the same thing for your local business. We monitor and can even respond on behalf of busy business owners to handle issues as they arise, shielding your business from harmful attacks.

Don’t be afraid to have a little fun just like the above shop owner did. Funny thing is by flipping the script, this local sandwich shop increased his sales by almost 30% by taking this Yelp review out to the streets, tons of his loyal clients came in more often and even wrote their own glowing reviews to help this owner.

Handling reviews might not always work out so easy, so here are some pro tips.


Well my friends, now you know How to Crush Trash Talkers in your business like a pro. Yes, basically take the high road and try your best to make the customer happy. If you want to learn more about professional reputation management services, click the link below and schedule a FREE no obligation strategy session with one of our consultants.

About the Author:

Stefanie Parker is the driving force behind production and we would be hard pressed to find anyone that brings more value to the table. Stefanie continues to amaze our clients with her creativity, and ability to optimize any campaign for maximum brand results. She also enjoys cracking the whip to make sure we don’t fall behind on projects. Her passion for helping local business owners grow and protect their business is in her DNA. Her father built one of most successful law firms during the seventies and eighties and after his  untimely passing, the partners drove it into the ground due to poor choices when responding to online criticism.


If you want to learn more about professional reputation management services, click the link below and schedule a FREE no obligation strategy session with one of our consultants.

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