How to Survive Working with Millennials

It’s no secret that millennials have come under fire lately by the media and probably their parents and maybe even grandparents. The millennial generation thinks different, works different and seek to have a general lack of belief in the current way things are done.

I personally feel that working with millennials is a blast, yep I think we need a radical shift, new blood showing us “old folks” how to change the world. After-all that is why I went into business when I started this agency.

I love the creative new ways they think about problems and how they view every problem as a solution waiting to be found. Maybe I got lucky with the “kids” I hire but I think if you know how to look for talent, you will find it regardless of age.

With their creativity, open-mindedness and risk-taking mentality, they come ready for a challenge and have the energy to find want works for our clients.

Working with Millennials is Loads of Fun


Companies across a vast spectrum of industries can benefit from what a strong willed millennial can bring to the table. Let them rethink our pitch, our processes, our whole sales cycle, you will benefit from the fact that they are not jaded with decades of doom and gloom. Another cool benefit is that they tend to think like consumers and can really out themselves in the position of thinking like your ideal customer or client.

Survive Working with Millennials

In the agency world in particular, millennials have brought a unique perspective that is born from being around digital media since birth.

Often called the “over-idealistic” generation, I think that thinking and dreaming big is a necessity in today’s business world. Our clients chose to work with us because we believe in big dreams and we understand the radical shift needed to make a big splash in today’s noisy marketplace.

Alright, down to the meat and taters of how to work with millennials and growth your business faster than a bunch of old dusty dudes.

Relationships Working with Millennials:

Everyone feels to need to fit in, at work, at church, at school, we all felt left out at one point or another during the years. Remember, millennials are people too but with maybe more emotion, more connected to their feelings. Stop thinking of them as delicate and give them a chance to stand up and fight. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Working with Millennials and Technology:

In the agency world in particular, millennials have brought a unique perspective that is born from being around digital media since birth.

This has proved to be a huge asset to clients who are maybe a little unsure of how to navigate the various social platforms as well as they would hope to. This allows us to stay on top of what platforms are useful to marketing our clients and their offers also.

Well that is about all I have to offer on the support of working with millennials. We love the choice we have made to hire almost exclusively millennials in our agency and while we don’t suggest every business can do the same, we strongly suggest you give it a try.

 About the Author:

Josh Thurman is just a cool dude who gets where millennials are coming from. Since before the term was coined Josh worked with hundreds, maybe even thousands of Millennials and thinks you really should give them a shot, you might be shocked at how awesome they can be for your local business or organization.


Hey, let me know what you think? We would love  your feedback and hear about your thoughts about working with millennials…


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