Local Lead Generation for Dentists

Every smart local dentist wants to improve their local lead generation process. It’s no late breaking news story that leads are the life-blood of your business growth. Even with the best conversion business will fail without consistent lead flow.

Most local business owners realize the potential of search marketing but are sick of being sold SEO services and being promised the world… but never seem to get the results they were sold!

The fact is most local business owners have become jaded. All agencies and sales people just look alike and you are smart enough to catch the smell of their bull$hit a mile away, right?

Local Lead Generation for Dentists is Different

Yes you could just go ahead call your guy and do another mass mailing and hope that you get the ROI this time. Sure, you got some results last time but did it bring in the revenue and return on investment you were shooting for?

Mass Mailing is Good for Branding but unless you have a compelling offer most folks just send those huge beautiful full color postcards straight to the round file. Either you are in agreement that something out there must be better or you might as well pop off this page right now.

Lead Generation for Dentists – The Dirty Secrets

The old methods don’t work in this busy fast paced world of digital distractions. You need to meet people where they hangout and offer something that shakes them awake to take notice and take action.

You don’t have to like Kim K to understand what she has is influence. She sold more teeth whitening kits than any dentist in the US last year but she didn’t have a way to cross-sell, upsell or and any type of real service. Look, I don’t what you to think I’m comparing you to this chick but we all certainly can learn something from her about marketing products online.

The trick is to do this in a non sleazy way!

Lead Generation for Dentists – The Profit Maximizer Program

Our Profit MaXX ™ program is specifically designed to help local dental offices increase their passive annual revenue. We use simple yet very effective processes to practically guarantee your customers show up every six months and bring at least one friend for a check up, x-rays and a cleaning.

By the way, you actually turn a profit with every visit including the first one too not like some dental marketing agencies.

Look, marketing is nothing new unless you take a radical shift and approach things in the mindset of a consumer. What do they want? Well, I know that because I drink coffee and once in a while will enjoy a nice cigar that I am a little self conscience about how white my teeth are compared to other people I know.

We suggest life time teeth whitening kits to all of our new dental clients. We don’t actually supply the little $5.00 take home kits but they work like gang busters when you use a simple local lead generation ad aimed at the ideal customers.

This will bring people into your dental practice and bring them back every six months and trust me, they tell there friends all about the program.


About the Author:

Josh Thurman is a marketing and sales consultant specializing in lead generation and conversion optimization. Since 2013 Josh has helped hundreds of local business owners including dental practices increase their sales revenue, launch new offers and reach marketplace domination.



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