Marketing Online – A Fresh Approach

Look , I understand that the featured image will turn some people off. It’s cool, we only want to work with motivated business owners not people too worried about ruffling some feathers. In fact, we have been told that our approach to marketing online for local business is totally different than anyone else too. We take that as a major compliment. Understand that unless you take a radical new approach you will continue to get the same old results.


“If you are constantly worried about what the competition is doing you have already lost the game my friend…”


We like to begin every new conversation the same way, a 30 min FREE strategy session. We want to get you know your business and then determine the best approach to deliver results. Not some fluff phone call where we talk about the weather or how your kids are doing, mine are good by the way. Bottom line we are here to talk business, your business and how to grow it bigger, stronger, faster.

Our suggestions might include Facebook Advertising or Google AdWords or maybe created an entire sales funnel or maybe your process needs tweaked before we even add some fuel to this fire.

Marketing Online – A Fresh Approach


Using Our Proven 3 Step Framework 

Marketing Online - A Fresh Approach

First we must Discover where your business is now and more importantly where you wish to grow. We will look to see if your goals are inline with your current marketing strategy and suggest possible changes as needed.  Our FREE 30 min strategy session provides much more than just a quick analysis and game plan. We will work together to truly understand your entire business; knowing the history of your beginnings, to today’s existence, and finally what you would like the future of your company to look like… that is the foundation to successfully arriving at your desired outcome.

Second, we work to Develop and employ a proven strategy to help you achieve those goals based on previous case studies in your niche. Using only proven strategies that have worked for hundreds of local businesses just like you. Finding the optimal balance of driving quality traffic with an offer that gets prospect’s attention and following up with a little magic called re-targeting, we are able to stay in front of your ideal prospect until they become a customer.

Third, we look to Dominate. We want you to become the only company people think of when looking to work with companies in your industry. Remember when you first started your business, you wanted to take over the world, right? What changed, what has kept you from doing exactly that? We will provide you will all the tools in the mad scientists lab to help craft the perfect offer to drive qualified prospects straight to your door. Then we will work to help your maximize revenue while serving those clients and all their needs.

This stage also has a surprise benefit, you become the expert in your local industry, just like a rock star or as one customer put it…


“Everyone wants to know you and business grows to levels you can’t possibly fathom.”

Marketing Online – A Fresh Approach


Success with marketing online has changed dramatically over the last decade and most agencies are still focused on what worked in the good ole days. Stop thinking about how things used to be if you want to make serious moves forward in your business.

Most business owners we speak to are just missing a few keys ingredients to really make things happen in their business. I help them determine the best offer, drive traffic using demographics that will respond and BAM, they start closing more business. Don’t let me over simplify things, we have perfected this strategy of marketing online over the last several years working with hundreds of clients in main street towns across this beautiful country.


Josh Thurman, a Starbucks junkie and marketing and sales consultant specializing in lead generation and conversion optimization. Since 2013 Josh has helped hundreds of local business owners and teams increase their sales revenue, launch new offers and dominate their market.

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