Now Hiring and Looking for a Few Good Maniacs

That’s right folks, Rave Local is hiring an inhouse PPC Associate.

We’re a radically different type of place to work and are looking for awesome that we would be willing to spend all day with for weeks at a time before we kick you out for a vacation.

We’re looking for someone nerdy enough to help our clients get results but cool enough to hang out and grab a beer with. You know someone like that? Maybe you are someone like that?




Alright time for a little seriousness, this position supports a team of hungry consultants by providing data, reporting and analyses as needed, including hands-on account management such as:

  • Managing negative keywords
  • Reviewing daily ad spend, revenue and campaign activities
  • Creating ad messaging for clients’ PPC campaigns
  • Analyzing existing ads and making strategic recommendations for improvements
  • Performing keyword trends analyses
  • Auditing PPC account settings at regular intervals
  • Managing monthly PPC budgets
  • Tracking and reporting on performance daily, weekly and monthly, as needed.

Street Cred

The ideal maniac must have:

  • Focus: Exceptional attention to detail to ensure efficient PPC management
  • Method: Consistent high level of day-to-day organization to keep PPC accounts running smoothly
  • Juiciness: Good writing skills and the ability to generate creative advertising messages to drive client success
  • Anal: The ability to review data and analyze in order to spot trends and potential performance issues.
  • Strategy: The ability to make insightful and valid recommendations to create a plan for our clients’ future success
  • Techie: Familiarity with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets (including basic formulas and graphs) and Word; comfortable working with online applications
  • Tight: Confident working with budgets and numbers daily to keep clients happy and accounts on target
  • Self -Motivated: Capable of working efficiently and independently in a remote position
  • Jive: Good communication skills via email and phone to interact with clients and colleagues
  • Street Cred: Prior marketing experience with a broader context of understanding of online advertising
  • Mad props: A minimum of one to three years professional job experience. You understand the ins and outs of working in a professional environment.

Preference will be given to candidates who have shoot us a killer video explained why we should hire YOU…

Tell us why you’re a good fit and have fun!

Send your cover letter and resume attention:

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