Out of the Box Facebook Business Strategies

Any marketer worth his salt will know that Facebook just cannot be ignored. With over one billion users worldwide, this is a huge market to target. The profit potential of this marketing medium is too great for local business owners to give Facebook a pass.

It is one of the top social media sites on the planet and has a very loyal following. Over 50% of users check their Facebook accounts daily. Marketing your products and services to such an active crowd can be extremely rewarding.

Out of the Box Facebook Business Strategies

But first, you will need to know how to market your business on Facebook. There are a few tips that you should follow to ensure that you do well and your marketing efforts succeed. Facebook marketing is not rocket science. It’s not difficult if you have the fundamentals in place.

Facebook Business Strategies

Let’s look at what they are.


  1. An interesting personal profile


That’s the first thing that people are going to check. They will want to know more about you or your company. Skip the traditional boring approach. People on Facebook want to be entertained.


So, make your profile catchy, entertaining and still get the marketing message across. Communicate with people on your news feed. Add your family, friends and people you know as your friends or ask them to like your page. This increased engagement will make Facebook look upon you more favorably.


  1. Start a Facebook group


There are thousands of Facebook groups. Some are public and some private. What matters is that you set up one where people can join and feel a sense of belonging. If you have a page on card tricks (a highly profitable niche), you could have a closed group where fellow magicians can share their tips and knowledge. This group will be much more likely to buy your magic related products etc.


Facebook groups could be set up for just about any niche ranging from hydroponics to keeping goldfish. As long as there are a group of people sharing a common interest, you will be able to get members into your group.


  1. Facebook Pages


Facebook pages are Facebook’s version of a website. Only difference is that it is much easier to create a Facebook page because it’s just one page. All your content, offers, etc. go on the page and can be seen by all those who liked your Facebook page.


Facebook pages are better than Facebook groups when it comes to SEO purposes. Google indexes Facebook pages and you might even rank on the first page of the SERPs.


  1. Facebook Apps


Apps are all the rage these days. There are apps for business, games, fitness, etc. There are also many Facebook apps developed for businesses. You can always hire a developer to create an interactive app for you and if it’s fun, user-friendly and helpful it will catch on and many Facebook users will download it and your company will attract a lot of attention.


  1. Facebook Analytics


The wonderful thing about Facebook is that it has Facebook Insights. You will be able to look at your stats and discover who your target audience is. It will show you the demographics such as the age, sex, occupation, geographical location, etc.

Out of the Box Facebook Business Strategies

Even if you didn’t have a customer avatar in mind, with Facebook, you will see one forming and it will be based on real-world stats. This is priceless information. Armed with this info, you will be able to target your marketing specifically at those who like your products or services. You can run contests, offer coupons, give group deals. Think about what your ideal customer would respond to and be creative with testing various offers.

Now that you’ve seen the power of Facebook marketing, you will surely understand that there are nothing but benefits to be gained by sitting on the shoulders of this online giant. Get in on the action and start promoting your business on Facebook.

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Stefanie Parker is the driving force behind production and we would be hard pressed to find anyone that brings more value to the table. Stefanie continues to amaze our clients with her creativity, and ability to optimize any campaign for maximum brand results. She also enjoys cracking the whip to make sure we don’t fall behind on projects.

Start using these Out of the Box Facebook Business Strategies, you can’t go wrong growing your business…


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