The Benefits of Hiring a PPC Marketing Agency

As a digital marketing agency, this is a fairly common question we are asked. While there are advantages of having personnel in-house to manage your marketing efforts and digital needs, there are also advantages to partnering with a trusted digital marketing agency. The ideal situation of course is to have a knowledgeable SEO and PPC specialist on your team who manages the external SEO agency. This approach provides an amazing one-two punch and will greatly scale an in-house marketer’s ability to achieve results.

However, we understand this is not always probably for most business owners. Working as a agency we may be slightly biased, but if you had to choose between one or the other, following are four reasons hiring a Pay Per Click Agency would be the better choice.

Outsourcing Your PPC Marketing Makes Sense

Search engines are dynamic: updates to search algorithms can alter rankings and visibility as well as create new opportunities to help your brand stay ahead of the competition.

Something to keep in mind: Because search engines are always changing. It is the job of a PPC agency to monitor and stay ahead of industry trends.

Outsourcing Your PPC Marketing Agency Resources

There are many aspects of a successful PPC agency program, many ongoing, such as: Keyword research, Content edits, Inbound links, Social / search integration, Online reputation management In-depth reporting. Something to keep in mind: Generally speaking, no single area of a successful PPC agency program is weighted more than the other. For example, focusing your efforts solely on inbound links will not help you achieve your goals for visibility. It is best to keep a balanced, holistic program.

The Benefits of Hiring a PPC Marketing Agency


Think of an SEO program as a table and the elements that comprise the solution as the legs. If one of the legs is missing, then the table will become unbalanced and fall over. There are various tools that help make this process easier and more efficient.  SEO Agencies not only pay for the latest and greatest tools to manage these efforts, but also have a process and a system for implementing these strategies for optimum results.

Outsourcing Your PPC Marketing – The Team Approach VS. Individual Efforts

This is pretty self-explanatory: Would you rather have one specialist managing your account or a team of specialists? Our SEO Agency offers a team of experts that will constantly monitor your account. And while some agencies have different models set in place for team structure, most offer a team that is dedicated to specific elements of the SEO process, such as: Strategy Implementation Monitoring Reporting.

Something to keep in mind: Having dedicated specialists working on various aspects of an account with a checks and balances system in place, equals more work performed in a timely, efficient manner (this ties back in with my second point, resources at hand). Focus on running your day to day and leave the headaches to a professional PPC agency manager with years of experience helping local business grow.

Outsourcing Your PPC Marketing  – The Cost 

One of the biggest constraints that many decision makers face–“How much is this going to cost me!?”Consider this: Hiring on an SEO specialist in-house means a salary plus benefits. First of all, the starting rate for an SEO professional is around $42,000 a year.

Secondly, what’s included within your benefits package?

•  Retirement Package/401k

•  Health Insurance

•  Vacation Time

•  Sick Leave/Bereavement Leave

  And this is not including:

  Future Pay Raises


  Ongoing Training


OK, now it looks like you are looking at $60,000+ a year. Wow, things are really starting to add up, huh?

When looking for pricing from an PPC agency, one of the most important things to keep in mind is…


Outsourcing Your PPC Marketing Makes Sense

“Most reputable, ethical P.P.C. agencies start small programs around $1,500 a month plus (however can increase significantly based on program scope and desired outcomes)” 


Compare the Prices of a PPC Marketing Agency:

In-house PPC Specialist: $60,000+ a year on average plus benefits and other employee overhead like taxes, medicare and social security.

Outsource to a team of PPC Specialists: $15,000 – $20,000 a year on average based on your objectives and goals.

Something to keep in mind: Make sure to research and do your homework to help find the agency that best fits your company.

One final note: Companies mature in their marketing tend to have digitally savvy team members who use agencies to scale execution, evolve strategies and push their team forward. Ideally, you’ll get there too, at which point it becomes crystal clear when to hire, when to partner and who to choose for both.

Give us a call to find out more about our partnership with the largest most well respected provider of PPC in the country. This partnership allows us to help main street business like never before and on a budget that makes sense because they partner with only a handful of quality PPC agencies nationwide.

About the Author:

JD Lanmanski is a huge marketing nerd and PPC lover by his own admission. Consistently searching more better conversions and ideas to help local business owners grow.  Specializing in funnel creation and conversion optimization for Main St. He has been a great addition here at Rave Local because he truly believes that paid marketing is the fastest and most measurable way to grow a business.

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