The Simple Rules for Ridiculous Success

What does success in life mean to you?? Well, being ridiculously successful in business or in life in general starts with the exact same thing. I call it Rule # 1  and anyone can actually learn this simple process.

Life is nothing more than choices, some choices lead you toward struggle and failure and others lead your towards Success In Life. Remember that you are in control of your own choices. Being coachable and willing to become a life long learner you will equip yourself to handle with style any challenge that comes your way.

The Simple Rules for Ridiculous Success

Anyone can go from water boy to star of the big game with the right coach and some hard work, this is true in sports and in the business world. A strong coach will push you past what you think your limits are.


“Only Stupid Men Learn From Experience, Wise Men Learn From Other’s Experience and Mistakes.” ~ Unknown


Ridiculous Success In Life – A Great Cheerleader Helps Too



Not just because they get your heart racing, but because they can stand in your corner and keep motivating to succeed. Having a good friend or spouse that can push you forward and be a great cheerleader certainly helps in being successful in business and in life. Don’t underestimate the importance of this person in your life. The coach will train and push you and the cheerleader will motivate and uplift you.

Ridiculous Success In Life

It your turn to prove how coachable you are and have all the success in life that you were determined to have. Start today and click the link and find out exactly how we can coach and motivate you on a daily basis, truly lift you up and help you every step of the way to earning that life you have always dreamed about living.


The Simple Rules for Ridiculous Success

Your Vision For Success Must Be Crystal Clear

Oftentimes, we see people that are dreamers and really I think that’s great, except when those dreamers never have a clear enough vision in order to turn that dream into reality. I do want nice things, but if I say that I want a new car. For some reason, that just won’t motivate me to work really hard to get it. I already have a nice home and a nice car, so I am not really motivated by having those new things to reach my goals. I have learned that being clear on your vision is really what motivates me and pushes me towards my real dream of freedom and the ability to live life on my terms.



Like most people like me is not a motivator, not the true motivated. For me and many of my team members, money is simple a tool used to choose what we wish to do or not to do in life. We seek freedom.

I decided after working as an insurance agent for almost nine years that freedom is what I truly want for me and my family.  I did not actually write this goal down, but this was my original dream and vision. This dream was something to work very hard towards.

My wife needs to retire from her stressful job as a cardiac nurse for the last seven years, she loves helping people but that job has proved to be more about helping the bottom line of the hospital then actually helping people that truly needed help.

The Simple Rules for Ridiculous Success

Having A Clear Vision of Your Future

Without being clear on your vision, money is just money. You are not going to do whatever it takes to get money. You have to think about what you really want in life and what are you willing to do to get hit that goal. The best example I can share is the fact that we already make almost a $150 thousand per year, I don’t bring that up to brag, I bring it up because money is not our motivator. Money is nothing more than a tool that can be used to get freedom if applied to a strong dream and a clear vision of the future.

Being clear on your vision, might mean that money is no longer the motivator. It is about having the resources available to be able to do what you want. Do you see how the vision of just hanging out with family and friends, enjoying life, going on vacation, taking care of a friend or family member in need. For most of the successful people I know, this a more powerful motivator than just setting an income goal? This allows your vision to become so crystal clear that achieving goals becomes very easy.

Close your eyes with me. Visualize all your “problems” fading away. Maybe it involves spending more time with family and the vacations you can go on. You know in your soul that all the bills are paid and you can spend freely and just take your time, you have no set schedule, no boss to get back to, once you have the clarity to see, smell and touch that dream, it will become much easier to achieve your goals, because you will do whatever it takes to reach your future success.

About the Author:

Josh Thurman is a marketing and sales consultant specializing in lead generation and conversion optimization. Since 2013 Josh has helped hundreds of local business owners and teams increase their sales revenue, launch new offers and dominate their market place using proven methods.


Here is To Your Ridiculous Success in Life my friend…


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